Controll your Domoticz devices by voice with AlexaHomeAUtomation

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Working on it

All devices are not supported yet but will be in the future. This is a beta version and we are working hard to improve it and support more devices! Join our forum to ask for features or report bugs or even give us some help !


Fast and easy to configure

Register to the service, save Domoticz access and your are ready ! Just activate the Alexa skill and start playing with your devices. You can find here supported devices and command examples. You can even report bugs in our forum



All password are encrypted and they are used only to communicate with your Domoticz server. Your data are not shared with any third party and your devices are only knowed by Alexa (we dont save them or their status in our side).

Work with Domoticz, use Alexa's power to controll your devices by voice
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Work with Domoticz

Plug Alexa to your Domoticz server with Alhau and use it's power to controll your devices by voice. Alhau identify your Alexa account and translate Alexa commands to Domoticz commands. Your credentials are encrypted and never sent between Alexa servers and Alhau server, we only use token to identify your account. Your Domoticz credentials are used only when Alhau send a command to your server.

Don't hesitate to help us !
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